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Oxegen 09 - Fight Like Apes

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ATL | 20:16 UK time, Friday, 10 July 2009

Heineken Green Spheres, Friday 10th July, 6.20pm

Fight Like Apes - Keyboard showdownWhat Happened:  Fight Like Apes' synth player 'Pockets' looks like a beardy wrestler from my childhood, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. It doesn't help that he's jumping off the stage with a prop chair to batter a 'reveller' in the front row to death. Well, ok... he doesn't quite bludgeon one of his fans in to the next world, but he gives him a good friendly 'whack'. Fight Like Apes expect a lot from their fans in return for the eye-ball melting devil music they produce on stage. Singer Maykay is a little more composed. As Pockets (when does he actually get time to play the synth??) climbs part of the stage, Maykay is urging the crowd to waltz to Lend Me Your Face. The crowd obliges of course, probably not wanting more beatings from the chair. Now for a cover. It was by a long gone band called McClusky and had a rather rude name. Google it children.

FLApes didn't need the rain to fill their tent. They did it the old fashioned way, by playing ridiculously loud and quite frankly terrifying rock. By the time it came to the last two songs 'Do You Karate' and 'Battlestations' people were gushing in to the tent in droves.

But they were too late, it was over. But I saw it all. 

Describe in a Tweet:  Oooooooh these FLApes are on fire...

This Is A High: Pockets setting off a fire extinguisher on stage, "oh you cheeky scamp!" 

This Is A Low: Standing in a massive 'stealth puddle' which was hidden with lots of straw. Genkin.

Oxegen Rating: 8/10


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