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Oxegen 09 - Dirty Epics

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ATL | 15:41 UK time, Friday, 10 July 2009

Heineken Green Spheres Tent, Friday 10th July, 2.45pm

What happened: Atl decided to start the festival off on the rock foot. With the rain coming on it was an easy descision to pick Wicklow band the Dirty Epics in the Heineken Green Spheres tent. The crowd seemed rightly up for it and lead singer SJ pranced around the stage like her life depended on it. The last time I saw the Epics was in a packed Limelight. But their set has transfered well to the festival format. With two songs to go the heavens opened up over Punchestown and soon the audience had doubled. Being the first band on can be mixed blessings for a new band but by the last song the Dirty Epics had the whole tent moshing away. "This is our last song," said SJ, "It's called 'Pony' and it's about riding..." The Dirty Epics have set not only the bar for the rest of the festival, but the tone too.

Describe in a Tweet: Dirty Epics were the revels to Oxegen's soaked revellers.

This As A High: Lead singer SJ rocking out in a black dress.

This Is A Low: First human pyramid collapse, epic fail.

Oxegen rating: 6/10




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