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Oxegen 09 - Casiokids

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ATL | 21:27 UK time, Sunday, 12 July 2009

Red Bull Music Academy, Sunday 12th July, 7pm

Describe in a Tweet: There's a party on stage and it's damn well infectious.

What Happened: Due to my stubborn persistence, I made it to the Red Bull Tent just in time for Casiokids. I had to cross an ocean of Katy Perry fans, determined to be in my way, whilst in the middle of torrential rain. But boy was I rewarded for my trek.

The tent, now filled with some pretty sorry looking characters, was soon transformed into a secret patch of bliss. The band basically started a party on stage that emanated into the crowd like beams from the sun - warming all of us who presumably swam there.

They swapped instruments, pogo jumped around stage and changed cow bell duties every few minutes. Pineapple shakers, multicolored drum sticks and grinning faces convinced the crowd as they played some absolutely brilliant pop songs.

They finished with 'Fot i Hose' and the crowd erupted into a sea of flinging arms. Even my sober lone self had a little boogie in me wellies.

This is a High: Witnessing the shear fun the band are having on stage.

This is a Low: My absolutely horrible journey to catch the set.

Oxegen Rating: 8/10


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