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Oxegen 09 - Blur

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ATL | 15:12 UK time, Saturday, 11 July 2009

Main Stage, Friday 11th July, 11.10pm

Damon laps it all upDescribe in a Tweet:
  Everything we hoped for. And a wee bit more :'-)

What happened: What happened was that team ATL kind of lost their collective mind. We talked about little else all day - interviews, reviews and dinner barely acted as a brief diversion away from our own ridiculous levels of hype. We pack up our gear early and a good forty minutes before show time we blag our way into the pit and set up camp about four people back, right smack in the middle.

To give this a little context - we're all approaching or embracing our fourth decade, so this isn't necessarily something we'd do on a regular basis. Needless to say, when Damon, Graham, Alex & the drummer dander on and open with 'She's So High', we're not so much hugging each other as holding each other up. It's all a little....festive. We're emotional.

This is a high: 'This is a Low' would be the obvious answer, but it's literally impossible to decide on a single stand out tune. A straw poll among team ATL suggests 'End of a Century', a Daniels-free 'Parklife', 'For Tomorrow' and 'The Universal' were all highlights, but the truth is that every. single. track was an absolute treat. 'Oily Water', 'Advert' and 'Trimm Trabb' are about as 'obscure' as they get, while 'Tender' and the inevitable 'Song 2' carnage seem most welcomed by the masses.

Damon is genuinely grateful (when he's not babbling absolute nonsense), dedicating songs to Irish legends Leo Finlay (a music writer who's wedding hosted Blurs first Irish show in 1990) and Joe Dolan. 

Graham is smiling a great deal (even during a ridiculous 'Country House') and rolling about the stage, Alex is... well, just being Alex. Legends.

This is a low: It shouldn't come as a surprise I suppose, given a fair whack of this crowd were toddling during that whole Britpop madness, but it seems hardly anyone knows the vast majority of this setlist. There's enough anticipation for the four or five songs everyone knows and loves, but the likes of 'Chemical World' and even the wonderful 'Badhead' are greeted with a collective shrug. As if we didn't feel old enough down the front, it's almost as if we're getting weird looks for singing every word. Hardly matters though, we had our fun.

Oxegen rating: 10/10 


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