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Joe Talks Radio

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Rigsy | 11:23 UK time, Thursday, 7 May 2009

talk_radio.jpgInitially, it's pretty hard to take Joe Lindsay seriously. The guy's a maniac, he comes bounding into the office every afternoon, usually opening with barrage of "affectionate" abuse aimed at yours truly (most of it sung). Then perhaps we'll get a few recent pop hits performed in the style of an old-skool cockney chimney sweep, a selection of impersonations, a random line from a film, a routine from Family Guy and... then he's gone.

This makes him sound like the meltiest most irritating work mate you can imagine, but you must appreciate we all tend to join in - all Joe is doing is winding us up. Not many blogs written when this guy's about, that's for sure.

So forgive me for suggesting the concept of taking Joe Lindsay seriously is a little rich.

Yet here we are, at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, watching Talk Radio. Joe is playing Barry Champlain - a kind of late night, unrefined, wound up version of Fraiser Crane, presenting a phone-in show in 80s Cleveland.

Thankfully, within about two minutes, we forget it's our Joe. I'm watching a deranged, Hicks-esque figure unravelling on air - gradually losing the plot as he deals with an increasingly hypocritical, irritating and ridiculous selection of 'typical' callers.

Despite an interval free, 90 minute, single location scene, the show flies by. Keeping in mind I have the most ludicrously tiny attention span, that's about as complimentary as I can get. He's helped by a decent cast, especially the guy playing his producer, whose monologue is a memorable highlight.

This was Joe's first attempt at the old acting. Well done, pal.

Talk Radio continues with a show tonight and tomorrow, 8pm at the Oh Yeah Music Centre.


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