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Sing it Loud, Wear it Proud

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Rigsy | 10:50 UK time, Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sing it loud, wear it proud.

I think the main reason I believe Bob Dylan to be the most over-rated artiste on the planet (please don't hate me, by the way) is because I'm not much of a lyrics man. I do appreciate a good line in a song (mostly in hip hop, mind), don't get me wrong - but my priority always seems to be tune and melody.

With this in mind, probably fair to say that I'm not the best person to be selecting a few choice lines from great Northern Irish tunes. Which is exactly what I've been asked to do.

Paul's had an idea for a new ATL T-shirt design. Four or five short lyrics from great Northern Irish bands. A couple of instantly recognizable gems, a couple from the newbies.

'Teenage Dreams so Hard to Beat...' is the most obvious one, I guess, but the Divine Comedy and Ash have a few sweet lyrics that might look well across your chest. Similarly, The Panama Kings also seem well capable of reeling out a potential slogan.

So...if you've any ideas, please let me know, either here or at atl@bbc.co.uk

If we use your lyric on the new tee, you get unlimited kudos and the unerring respect of the whole ATL team. Priceless!



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