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  1. ATL’s Track for the Day #52

    Friday 21 November 2014, 10:48

    Across The Line Across The Line

    Hot Cops #52
    Friday 21st November, 2014
    Hot Cops - Origami

    They say: I guess feelings of paranoia and social anxiety were what I was basing the song on initially but I'd like to think listeners can apply their own meaning to it…. I wrote it after our ex-guitarist said he wanted us to play heavier, more frenetic guitar songs, similar to Ty Segall and Wavves, and I wanted to do that without taking away from the lyrical aspect of them. The lyrics are interesting because they seem to follow a story while remaining cryptic and even nonsensical sometimes, but there's many different themes and ideas in the imagery provided, that anyone could read into if they wanted to. Carl, Hot Cops.

    We say: Featuring the fastest guitars in the history of music*, Hot Cops have proved they’re far from one hit wonders (earlier releasing the awesome 'Kenzie's Farmhouse'). With their frantic, effortlessly cool new recording for the latest 'Scratch My Progress' compilation - this is the sound of a band growing in confidence.

    'Origami' is one of the earliest finished Hot Cops songs and they are currently working towards re-mastering and releasing the song with a B-side.

  2. ATL’s Track for the Day #51

    Thursday 20 November 2014, 13:41

    Across The Line Across The Line

    Loris band #51
    Thursday 20th November, 2014
    Loris - Yeah

    They Say: When we first recorded this it had a different name and had a slightly different feel to it but we wanted to come back to it and try a different approach. After more time in the studio working on it, it felt like a different song so we changed the name. We knew we wanted airy synths and a big chorus, which is what we're all about! 'YEAH' was recorded at Millbank Studios and produced by Michael Mormecha.

    We Say: It feels 'long awaited' - but it's not been that long really, we've just become incredibly impatient to hear some more music from one of our favourite new bands. This one's a little more thoughtful, darker and reflective than what they've given us previously - but no less awesome for it. And it's great to see them do something a little different while keeping the glitzy synths and glimmering production intact.

  3. Gig Review: Atlantic Sessions- Sullivan and Gold, The Vals - Sunday 16th November

    Wednesday 19 November 2014, 14:56

    Across The Line Across The Line

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    The Vals live in Session with ATL in October "This weekend, the stunning North coast is host to The Atlantic Sessions Music Festival. The final day of the festival sees a multitude of live music performances across the three Ports.

    Sunday afternoon in the quaint town of Portballintrae, Sullivan and Gold (aka Ben Robinson and Adam Montgomery) play at the Bayview Hotel, the Atlantic ocean as a backdrop.
    As the gentle vocal and piano chords of first song Jigsaws are performed the tone is set for the afternoon. The audience are immediately attentive, willingly finishing conversations to listen.
    Ben switches from keyboard to bass for Changing, a stirring song with reflective lyrics. As you look out to the open sky and ocean beyond, it’s hard not to connect to the song being performed. Adam and Ben interact with us humorously between songs.
    They describe the inspiration of Don’t Stand In Line, the personal connection of the song reflected with smiles exchanged between the duo. Right now all eyes are on them as children and diners from the adjoining restaurant listen intently to the powerful yet contained vocals and gentle music.
    After a break they return with new song Guatemala, a song combining their love-song style with political...

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  4. The Making of Scratch My Progress

    Wednesday 19 November 2014, 10:51

    Across The Line Across The Line

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    Scratch My Progress

    Graduates of the Oh Yeah Music Centre’s ‘Scratch My Progress’ programme told ATL about their experience of the project.

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  5. ATL’s Track for the Day #50

    Tuesday 18 November 2014, 17:31

    Across The Line Across The Line

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    GANGS #50
    Tuesday 18th November, 2014
    Gangs – Back To School

    They Say: “The EP is about life in Dublin, growing up in a ****hole you’re madly in love with. The title track (Back to School) is a bit of a ****you to old ‘you have to do this, you have to do that, you have to go to college, get a degree’ We’re saying you don’t have to do anything, do what you want to do."

    We Say: “Cocky in the best possibly way, here's a band who know they sound great. It's apt they're heading out on tour with The Stypes, as a band clearly made up of incredible musicians with their own take on a retro sound...

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  6. New Tune Disco - 17th November 2014

    Tuesday 18 November 2014, 15:15

    Across The Line Across The Line

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    Charlene Hegarty of Derry-based indie label Smalltown America Records made her ATL debut on this week’s show, where she and Rigsy went through their choice of new releases.
    Charlene Hegarty Charlene Hegarty of Smalltown America Records joined Rigsy this week to discuss their favourite new local releases.

    Aoife Underwater – On the Cusp of Nothing

    Charlene: “It’s just a really fresh atmospheric kind of Synth-Pop track. Within all of that there’s lots of music I like. You can hear that she’s taken influences from maybe The Knife and other just amazing Scandinavian bands like that… The productions...

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  7. ATL’s Track for the Day #49

    Monday 17 November 2014, 15:25

    Across The Line Across The Line

    Aoife Underwater #49
    Monday 17th November, 2014
    Aoife Underwater – On the Cusp of Nothing

    She Says: I was feeling sad when I wrote it and that's what I wanted to come across - but in an upbeat way! One of my main influences when I write my music is AIR. I kind of use them as a musical gauge and always listen to them when I need some inspiration. I recorded the demo myself using just piano and drum sounds with vocals. I had the verse and chorus worked out and when I brought it to Fergal it became something different, bigger, while still maintaining the basic demo melody. I think it's important that a song stays loyal to its demo because that's how you keep the soul in a song.

    We Say: One of those tracks the entire team wanted on air as soon as possible - knowing as we all did just how great it would sound on the radio. A relatively poppy sound and a huge chorus, but brilliantly quirky with it. Surely this lot are Icelandic or Swedish or something like that? Apparently not....

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  8. ATL’s Track for the Day #48

    Friday 14 November 2014, 11:48

    Across The Line Across The Line

    HamsandwicH #48
    Friday 14th November, 2014
    HamsandwicH – Apollo

    They Say: ''We spent some time trying to come up with different sounds to the ones we had with the last 2 albums. In the end we narrowed it down to songs that you can dance to. It's as simple as that. Everything's much more rhythmical. A lot of our gigs in the past tend to have a party feeling to it, so we want our new songs to match that. Apollo would be a very good example of what's to come with album 3 which should be out early next year. We can't wait for people to hear it!'' – D’Arcy from HamsandwicH

    We Say: It's apt that they'd return with one of their strongest singles to date, just in time for their first proper headline show in Belfast. Shuffling along beautifully and complete with subtle, soaring strings and Nile Rodgers-esque guitars, it's the perfect illustration of an understated pop sound the 'SandwicH have made their own.

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  9. ATL’s Track for the Day #47

    Thursday 13 November 2014, 14:38

    Across The Line Across The Line

    The Bayonettes #47
    Thursday 13th November, 2014
    The Bayonettes - A Small Step to Greater Heights

    They say: The track actually started out with just the intro melody and was completely instrumental. We imagined the song as more of a 'live jam' than anything else, but soon we filled out the blanks and tried to mould it into some of our best work. Even before recording, the song wasn't totally finished (in fact we nearly recorded something entirely different), so that made the group effort and passion put into every section, that bit more intense.

    We Say: Four guys from Coleraine, making a thoughtful racket that guarantees they stand out, even though they're from a part of the world where there seems to be more bands than people.


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  10. New Tune Disco - 10th November 2014

    Thursday 13 November 2014, 10:58

    Across The Line Across The Line

    For this week’s New Tune Disco, Rigsy was joined by Niall Byrne AKA Nialler9 to chat about some of their favourite new releases.

    Jape – The Heart’s Desire

    Niall: He’s always kind of progressing his sound a little bit and I’m always kind of fascinated…I don’t make music but if I did I would make something like that, I would like to think…

    Sissy – So What

    Niall: Sissy are a new band from Dublin…it’s kind of melodic, and shouty and a bit low fi and a bit garage and a bit punky…The EP is four songs, eleven minutes long and some interesting topics are covered on the songs…


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