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Ace & Vis' World Cup 16 - 1st Round: South Africa vs Germany

Ace | 18:49 UK time, Saturday, 19 June 2010

As it's World Cup fever at the moment, we thought it was only right that we had a World Cup contest of our own. So a couple of weeks ago we decided to create the Ace & Vis World Cup 16.

Over the next four weeks on the show, we'll be pitting country against country. 8 MCs representing 8 of the football World Cup's nations will be going head-to-head to see which MC can spit the best 16-bar freestyle and become....

The Ace & Vis World Cup 16 Champion!

The countries taking part are Brazil, Ghana, USA, South Africa, Denmark, Germany, Nigeria and Mexico.


On last weekend's show, we had the live draw for the contest - and the teams that came out of the hat for today's first round match were....

South Africa and Germany

Repping for South Africa is Trenton Birch from the group Trenton & Free Radical

Repping for Germany is Green-T from the group ASM (A State of Mind)

Each MC recorded a 16-bar freestyle representing their country that both of us, Ace & Vis, judged.

We will each judged the freestyles based on three categories:
1. Flow
2. Lyrical content
3. Swagger (that's all about confidence, style, and finesse)

The Winner of the 1st round was Trenton Birch representing South Africa. He will go through to the Semi finals in 2 Weeks.

Davina gives Ace & Vis the Big Brother Exclusive

Vis | 09:07 UK time, Thursday, 10 June 2010

We had a very emotional Davina Mccall on the breakfast show yesterday. Ahead of the launch of the last ever 'Big Bother' Davina insisted on popping in to tell us all about the fun and games they have planned for this years house mates.

Listen back HERE


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