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Nathan in Big Brother Celebrity Hijack? A good or bad look?

Ace | 18:36 UK time, Thursday, 3 January 2008

Hi Peeps

It's Dev from 1Xtra aka Early Breakfasts 6-8 aka depping for Ace and Vis while they'll skiving off this week!

They may be on holiday but I just found the password to their blog!! ha ha!... While the cat's away......!!!

OK so I’ve given this some thought and I’m still not sure??

On one hand, I think it would be easy to say Nathan is just trying to get himself on tele. On the other hand, Nathan's a talented artist so it could be just the move he needs to become noticed more?

Either way it’s a risk but if he can stay away from the silly arguments that ALWAYS go on the house, then he could be going home with the money!

I spoke to Thad Baron from Nathan’s record label and found out why he actually decided to enter Big Brother

I know MistaJam is gonna be glued to the tele tonight too! Check both of our blogs tomorrow and see if we fancy his chances?

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