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  1. Controller Comedy Commissioning

    Not the Comedy Messiah – just a very naughty boy

    Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning, expands on comments he made during his announcement of plans for more diversity in BBC comedy earlier this week.

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  2. Creator of BBC Three's Miss Holland

    BBC Three's Miss Holland: The Era of Short-Form Content

    Eline Van Der Velden, creator of BBC Three's Miss Holland, shares insight into her inspiration and how the comedy came about.

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  3. Digital Content Producer, About the BBC

    Round up of BBC winners at the 12th annual Comedy.co.uk Awards.

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  4. Digital Content Producer, About the BBC

    Watching Radio 4’s Keep Calman Carry On

    Jen Macro describes the weird and wonderful world of radio comedy records as she attends a recording of Susan Calman’s rqadio comedy series.

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  5. Multi Platform Producer, Web Editorial Production

    A little something 'extra' for W1A

    BBC employee Laura Taflinger jumped at the chance to be an extra in the final episode of John Morton's sitcom W1A.

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  6. Writer and Director, W1A

    W1A - Nothing worthwhile is easy

    John Morton, writer and director of Twenty Twelve and W1A discusses how he came to set his sights on the BBC for the hit series, and how he tried to avoid writing a follow-up to Twenty Twelve.

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  7. Former BBC Comedy Producer and BBC Alumni member

    Funny that: The highs and lows of comedy production

    Former BBC Comedy Producer and BBC Alumni member Diane Messias reflects upon the joys and the pitfalls of comedy production.

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  8. Editor, About the BBC Blog

    BBC Comedy Sitcom Signature Tunes

    In light of the BBC Landmark Sitcom Season, Jon Jacob takes a look at an important, yet often overlooked aspect of the situation comedy programme, and reminds us of the instantly recognisable musical themes that accompanied some of the classic BBC comedies over the years.

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  9. Digital Content Producer, About the BBC

    Fleabag hops from BBC Three to BBC Two

    In celebration of 'Fleabag' being broadcast on BBC Two after being released on the online channel BBC Three, we take a quick look at other BBC Three original comedies that have moved to the mainstream of BBC One and BBC Two.

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  10. Controller Comedy Commissioning

    Here comes the comedy Olympics

    BBC Comedy boss Shane Allen introduces a special season of landmark comedies celebrating 60 years of the sitcom.

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