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  1. Senior Content Producer, BBC CHildren's

    Senior Content Producer at BBC Children's Elizabeth Leadbeatter writes about the latest update to the popular CBeebies Storytime App.

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  2. Executive Producer, CBeebies

    Executive Producer Jackie Edwards reports on a special preview event in London of the new series of The Clangers.

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  3. Professional footballer and presenter of Footy Pups

    Footy Pups

    England footballer Rachel Yankey introduces the new CBeebies programme and explains why football was so important for her when she was growing up.

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  4. Controller, CBeebies

    Reflecting on five years at CBeebies

    Kay Benbow, Controller of CBeebies, looks back on her five years in the role, and considers the challenges and opportunities to come.

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  5. Senior Content Producer, BBC CHildren's

    This year our CBeebies elves have been working hard to create a very special Christmas treat for children all over the country; Christmas has come early to the CBeebies Playtime app and from today, it is ready for the countdown to Christmas with an interactive Advent Calendar.

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  6. Content Producer, Children's

    Lucy Beckett explains how the latest app from CBeebies Playtime will see kids problem solving with Sesame Street's Elmo and Cookie Monster.

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  7. Director, BBC Academy and BBC Birmingham

    Joe Godwin explains why a change to Ofcom's "acquired" and "originated" programmes quota is good news for CBeebies viewers and the wider industry as a whole.

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  8. Digital Content Producer, About The BBC Blog

    To mark International Women's Day, Hannah Khalil considers gender roles - a topic close to her heart since having a little girl two years ago. The blog includes an audio interview with CBeebies controller Kay Benbow, who addresses this theme and how it influences decisions she makes when programming for the network.

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