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  1. BBC News Bangla

    Solar-powered classrooms and a smart wheelchair - Click reports on how Bangladesh tech is transforming lives

    Have you heard about Sputnique – a portable, solar-powered multimedia classroom? The super-mobile kit allows Bangladeshi teachers to hold classes anywhere, particularly after natural disasters like flooding or cyclones.

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  2. Assistant Editor, Beyond Fake News

    Beyond Fake News: why the World Service is putting a spotlight on distortion and manipulation

    What is fake news? What’s real? What’s distortion? Should we use the term fake news at all? These were the questions we grappled with putting together the Beyond Fake News season. The term is being weaponised, becoming contentious and even toxic.

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  3. BBC AimHigh scheme freelance journalist, Baghdad

    The world’s first blind war correspondent and football commentator? BBC News Arabic supporting journalists with disabilities

    Journalists with disabilities from around the Arab world recently completed three weeks of training in London as part of BBC Arabic’s AimHigh scheme.

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  4. Editor, The World Tonight, Newshour

    Why we broadcast what Jamal Khashoggi told us three days before he disappeared

    Some people have questioned the decision by Newshour and The World Tonight to broadcast the words of Jamal Khashoggi recorded shortly before the formal start of an interview. So I'd like to explain how we arrived at that decision.

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  5. Editor, BBC Learning English

    App around the world with BBC Learning English

    Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. There are seven continents, and BBC Learning English has audiences in six of them - perhaps, by the end of reading this blog post, all seven.

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  6. Editors, BBC News Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and Telugu

    1 year anniversary for Indian languages

    Many people treated the news of the BBC’s plan to launch four new language services in India as a rumour.

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  7. Editor, The World Tonight, Newshour

    'If Europe's ports are underwater, Brexit may seem less important': we're expanding climate change coverage

    From 3 October The World Tonight on BBC Radio 4 and Newshour on BBC World Service will be covering climate change every week.

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  8. News Editor, BBC News Korean

    North and South: a year of BBC News Korean

    If your view of the world were shaped by the North Korean newspapers - they are available online, and I look at them every day - Kim Jong-un would certainly be at its centre.

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  9. Head of East Africa, BBC World Service

    A year of three new BBC services for Ethiopia and Eritrea

    Rachael Akidi, BBC World Service Head of East Africa, celebrates first anniversary of the launch of three new UK-government-funded language services for Ethiopia and Eritrea, and looks at what the future holds.

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  10. Editor, BBC News Pidgin

    “BBC Pidgin? I no fit speak Pidgin oooo”: the first year of a groundbreaking service for Africa

    This month, as BBC News Pidgin marks its first anniversary, we are in no doubt about how exciting the past year has been and what the future holds.

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