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  1. Head of Data Science and Architecture

    Artificial Intelligence and machine learning at the BBC: from the iPlayer to...infinity?

    Machine learning is still in its early stages at the BBC. We've been working on it for quite some time within BBC Research & Development, however we have only started exploring how we can use these tools in our production areas more recently.

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  2. Director, Radio & Education

    Voice for Kids

    No, not a rival to ITV’s show. But an update from James Purnell, Director of Radio and Education, on what the BBC is doing with voice devices.

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  3. Controller, BBC Research and Development

    Andy Conroy, Controller, BBC Research and Development introduces the review into BBC R&D activity.

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  4. Controller, BBC Radio 3

    70 years young: Radio 3, still pioneering new music and new ways to enjoy it

    As Radio 3 celebrates 70 years since it's predecessor, The Third Programme was first broadcast, Controller Alan Davey looks ahead to pioneering ideas for the future on the network.

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  5. Editorial Lead for BBC Taster

    Will Saunders from BBC Taster introduces the latest VR project.

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  6. Editor, Home Front

    Introducing the Home Front Story Explorer

    Editor Jessica Dromgoole explains how Home Front is pioneering BBC Research and Development's experimental online project which could potentially go on to aid programme makers across the BBC.

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