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  1. Senior Trainer, BBC Media Action

    Working together to help save lives

    Myanmar is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. An innovative training scheme brings journalists and aid organisations together in a bid to improve communication during a humanitarian crisis.

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  2. Director, BBC Media Action, Palestinian Territories

    ‘Sofa’, so good: BBC Breakfast’s red sofa makes its way to Ramallah

    Walid Batrawi explains how one retired BBC Breakfast sofa found a new home in the Palestinian Territories with BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity.

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  3. Scriptwriter, BBC Media Action

    Hitching a lift on humanitarian planes – just one of the ways BBC Media Action’s radio drama gets to remote radio station partners in South Sudan. Scriptwriter Winnie Jaguru takes us on a journey to a broadcast in South Sudan.

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  4. Presenter, BBC World News

    Tricks of the trade: BBC Media Action training in Cambodia

    BBC World News presenter, Babita Sharma shares her experience training young TV presenters in Cambodia for BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity.

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  5. Director of Communications and Fundraising, BBC Media Action

    Nepal Earthquake: When no home is safe where can you go?

    Kirsty Cockburn, Director of Communications and Fundraising describes the earthquake’s devastating impact on her colleagues and the people of Nepal, and BBC Media Action’s work using radio to save lives.

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  6. Editor, About the BBC Blog

    BBC Media Action on World Radio Day 2015

    Tom Baker showcases a handful of endeavours using radio to reach out to young people across the world in this short film from BBC Media Action.

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  7. Midwifery Advisor, Call The Midwife

    Midwifery advisor Terri Coates swaps Call the Midwife for Ujan Ganger Naiya when she travels to Bangladesh to work with BBC Media Action.

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  8. Director, BBC Global News

    BBC World Service Group Director Peter Horrocks explains how the BBC World Service and BBC Media Action are helping to counter misinformation about Ebola with special updates broadcast on the BBC's Africa, English, French and Hausa services.

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  9. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    BBC Media Action reaches over 200 million people worldwide using a variety of media and communication to improve health, reduce poverty and support people in understanding their rights in 28 countries around the world. Caroline Nursey is the Executive Director of BBC Media Action.

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  10. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    Producer of weekly debate programme Sema Kenya (Kenya Speaks), describes the compelling episode that brought together survivors of the attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi.

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