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  1. Editor, About the BBC Blog

    Pictures from the BBC Archive illustrating the career of broadcaster Cliff Michelmore who died today at the age of 96.

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  2. Head of BBC History

    Head of BBC History Robert Seatter gives an update on plans to mark the centenary of the BBC and highlights exhibitions mounted throughout 2016 across the country.

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  3. Producer

    A Stripe For Frazer: Animating the lost episode of Dad's Army

    Producer Charles Norton takes us on an eight year journey of how he and a team of animators brought a lost episode of Dad's Army back to life. From discovery of the audio, to drawing Captain Mainwaring, from the project being shelved, to being on the shelf at BBC Store.

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  4. Press Officer

    Festive food on the BBC 25 years after Delia Smith's Christmas

    2015 marks 25 years since Delia Smith’s Christmas, so Press Officer and foodie Alasdair Drennan remembers that landmark programme and looks back at Christmas food on the BBC.

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  5. Digital Content Producer, About The BBC Blog

    Charles Dickens on the BBC

    Charles Dickens' novels are a firm part of the British literary canon. As Tony Jordan's new 20-part series Dickensian starts on BBC One on Boxing Day, we thought we'd revisit some other BBC Dickens adaptations featuring familiar faces aplenty...

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  6. Digital Content Producer, About The BBC Blog

    House of Cards 25 years on

    The first episode of the BBC's original House of Cards was broadcast 25 years ago, on 18 November 1990, here are five House of Cards facts you may not have known...

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  7. Digital Content Producer, About the BBC

    A large congregation paid their respects to the BBC's former Head of Music Dennis Marks in an event at the Radio Theatre last week.

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