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  1. Controller of English Regions

    David Holdsworth highlights how BBC Local Live - our local online news service - is working with local newspapers and linking to their stories.

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  2. Head of Sport, BBC English Regions

    County cricket reporters: A special breed

    Charles Runcie, the BBC’s Head of Sport for English Regions, tells the story behind our coverage of county cricket on air, text and online, and introduces some of the larger-than-life characters who provide it all summer.

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  3. Director, BBC Academy and BBC Birmingham

    Joe Godwin discusses his new post as Director of BBC Academy and BBC Birmingham and explains how BBC Birmingham will become the BBC’s centre of excellence for skills, recruitment and talent development for the whole UK.

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  4. Head of English Regions Programming

    Craig Henderson hails the return of regional current affairs programme Inside Out and looks forward to a compelling season of programmes.

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  5. Head of Business Development, BBC Birmingham

    Head of Business Development Tommy Nagra reflects on 1Xtra Live and provides an update on the development of the BBC's Birmingham base.

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  6. North West Tonight presenter

    BBC North West Tonight's Roger Johnson shares the emotional story that became the second most viewed BBC Facebook post.

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  7. Head of Sport, BBC English Regions

    Charles Runcie, Head of Sport, BBC English Regions, shares the joys and challenges of local radio reporters who cover early rounds of the FA Cup.

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  8. Head of Business Development, BBC Birmingham

    Ahead of the return of BBC Two drama Peaky Blinders, Tommy Nagra reveals the enthusiasm for the series in Birmingham, where it is set, and talks about a series of exciting related events.

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