"The BBC has for some time now recognised that we must change and work harder to convince the public that we are spending the Licence Fee wisely. That is why over the last 15 months we have become both a more transparent organisation and a better value organisation, committed to serious reductions to senior manager numbers and pay.

"We are focussing relentlessly on delivering quality and better value. We are bearing down on costs right across the organisation so as much investment as possible goes into high-quality programmes. Whilst some expenses are necessary to do the job, the evidence shown today shows real and significant progress on that journey - we have cut expenses by a fifth and are reducing our pay bill by a quarter."

Caroline Thomson, BBC Chief Operating Officer

Today we have published details of salaries, expenses and gifts, for the BBC's senior staff. The disclosures show the divisions of the BBC which report directly to the Director-General, Mark Thompson.

For more detail around today's disclosures, read the real story behind BBC executive and talent pay and the press release.

Laura Murray is Editor of the About the BBC Blog

Read the blog Caroline Thomson wrote last year about the BBC Disclosures - April to June 2009.


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