The Proms are under way

Head of Interactive, Radio 3

Roger Wright is Controller of BBC Radio 3 and Director of the BBC Proms. Last Friday he was at the Royal Albert Hall for the first night of this year's festival. He'll be there every night, for every performance. I spoke to him on the steps down to Prince Consort Road, amongst an excited crowd of Prommers, just before the first concert, featuring Benjamim Grosvenor and the music of Judith Weir, Brahms, Liszt and Janáček (you've still got a few hours to listen again to Prom number one: I can recommend it).

The Prommers - the passionately loyal and opinionated regulars who fill the standing places in the Royal Albert Hall's arena (and upstairs in the gallery) are the backbone of the festival. I spoke to some of them too:

Steve Bowbrick is editor of About the BBC

  • Keep up with the schedule for this year's festival on the brand new Proms web site. Visit the web site from your mobile phone and you'll find a tailor-made mobile web site with easily accessible information about the performances and a play button so you can listen on the move (live streaming is not available on all mobiles).

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