This is just a quick post to make sure you know that on Tuesday 26 March 2013 there will be a new home for BBC ALBA on Sky.

It will move to a more prominent slot in the channel listing: channel 143. The other advantage of this new position is that it will be part of a small BBC cluster alongside BBC One HD and BBC Two HD which are also taking up their new positions that day at channels 141 and 142 respectively.

BBC ALBA will remain at the same position on all other platforms, which are:

What will I have to do?

In short, you should not need to do anything other than note the new channel number. Your series recordings should all carry on working and if you have set BBC ALBA as a favourite that will also work straight away with the new channel number.

* * *

Hopefully you’ll continue to find BBC ALBA easy to reach and enjoy the unique programmes it has to offer. Best wishes, or maybe should that be “Gach deagh dhùrachd” ?

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by rwba

    on 11 May 2013 20:42

    What the BBC appears to forget or ignore is that much of it's programming is a UK travelogue that acts as a great marketing tool for UK tourism. That is, it makes the UK a very appealing tourist destination for those living outside the UK. So, if you limit it's viewers only to those living in the UK, you are basically preaching to the choir. Think about it before you change the satellite footprint to exclude everyone outside of the UK borders for which the sun definitely sets.

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