(Hopefully) no more tears: CBBC website relaunch

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Editor's note: Phil Buckley is in charge of the CBBC web site and he's written a fascinating blog post - full of pictures and anecdotes - in which he talks about the special challenges of updating a web site loved by millions of children. Read it on the BBC Internet blog - SB.

Relaunching a children's website is a surprisingly perilous business. A relaunch, which is normally accompanied by a large amount of promotion and razzmatazz, often brings a huge spike in traffic to certain areas of the site, in particular to any place where you are able to complain.

To give you a sample, when the CBeebies website was relaunched in 2007, the message boards, also here, were hit by comments like...

Read the rest of Phil's blog post and leave a comment, on the BBC Internet blog...

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