Last week some national newspapers wrote about the number of repeats on the BBC this Christmas. Not that they actually knew anything because we hadn't published our schedules at the time and it was only this week that we confirmed what was going to be on.

Far from being full of things you've seen before, there's a veritable feast of brand new festive programmes on all our channels. There won't be any repeats on BBC one in prime time between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, just like there weren't last year, and the amount of repeats on BBC Two is also down on last year. In fact, the number across both channels in that period is the lowest it has been for at least four years.

If you'd like to know more about what's on offer and watch the show reel, head over to the TV blog to read Jana Bennett's blog about the schedule and all the great new programmes on the BBC over Christmas.

Bridget Middleton is the Editor of About the BBC

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