A BBC Symphony for Yorkshire - final filming day

On Monday, I picked up the Yorkshire Post newspaper and there before me was a photograph which made me smile. It looks like a street parade from the 1950's in the days when the sun was shining and neighbours came out onto the streets for a shared moment and to cheer. This particular photograph isn't from the archive, it was taken this weekend in Sheffield on the final day of the filming of A Symphony for Yorkshire.

At the head of the parade is a policeman in full uniform banging a large drum followed by a group of majorettes twirling silver batons. That scene is rare these days but the picture goes on to show the Stannington Brass band, the Mill House Green Male Voice Choir and a bright red, open top double decker bus carrying a saxophone choir.

The photograph has captured the moment but it has also captured the people from Hunter House Road in Sheffield who came out on the street to wave, cheer and talk to eachother and that's what has made me smile most of all.

The Symphony team sits with composer Benjamin Till in a dark edit room in Leeds as they begin to view the film. It's exciting yet slightly terrifying as they wait to find out if the images are as good as they think they are. Looking once again at the photograph I know they've captured something special, something which I hope, will make the people of Hunter House Road smile just as much as they are on the photograph in the newspaper.

Helen Thomas is Head of BBC Yorkshire


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