Studio 'TC1' at Television Centre. After refurbishment, BBC Studios and Post Production will continue to run the studio in 2015.

At BBC Studios and Post Production, we’ve been tremendously proud to provide the technical facilities to enable programme makers to create some of the UK’s favourite programmes at Television Centre.  This includes thousands of episodes of Blue Peter,  a whopping 32 Children in Needs, 11 series of Strictly Come Dancing and multiple General Elections, as well as shows for other networks like ITV’s Harry Hill’s TV Burp, Channel 4’s 10 O’Clock Live and Sky’s Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. In fact, even this week, as the lights are being switched off and furniture is being dragged out of the building, we’re still here, making a new Channel 4 daytime show 5 Minutes to a Fortune.

I’m writing this post as some people think we’re leaving Television Centre completely and I want to explain how the BBC and BBC Studios and Post Production will still be a part of this special building in the years ahead.

Television Centre in many ways epitomises the BBC’s heritage and many of us grew up watching programmes like Playschool, Are You Being Served?, Morecambe and Wise and Live and Kicking. Throughout its life, innovation has been at the heart of the building, with its technical teams leading the way, from upgrading the studios to support colour television production in 1967, to wide screen TV in 1998, to HD in 2006 and even launching the UK’s first 3D TV studio in 2010. All these marvellous moments don’t happen without the skills of the technical innovators.

Of course, times and requirements change. Even though the BBC now makes programmes all over the UK, demand still continues in the South East. The closure of Television Centre certainly does not mean the end of studio production in London.

BBC Studios and Post Production, the BBC’s commercial facilities arm, will be back operating studios at Television Centre in 2015. This includes the famous Studio One where big live event shows like Comic Relief, Later with Jools and The Voice were recorded. The much loved listed aspects of the buildings, including the doughnut and Helios Plaza will be retained and the building will look largely the same from Wood Lane once the redevelopment is complete.

In the meantime, BBC Studios and Post Production will be providing HD TV studios at BBC Elstree and Elstree Film Studios, including the legendary 15,000 sq ft George Lucas stage, where we’ll be hosting this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. The BBC One daily quiz-show Pointless started recording in the revamped Stage 8 at Elstree earlier this month and other shows such as CBBC’s Friday Download and BBC Three’s Live At The Electric will be recorded in the new Stage 9 soon. We’ll also be hosting the seventh ambitious series of Sky1 HD’s hit entertainment format A League of Their Own and ITV’s The British Animal Honours 2013 at Elstree Studio D, which is comparable to Studio One in size.

Innovation will remain central to the future studios at Television Centre.  When we return in 2015, the studio galleries will be updated with the latest technology and we’ll be investing in a fibre infrastructure for video transport and 10Gb ethernet as standard across all our areas for IPTV and streaming. We’ll also have brand new dressing rooms, green rooms and production offices.

Excitingly, for the first time the Television Centre site will be open to the public. The master plan vision and outline proposals includes restaurants, shops, a hotel, flats and houses and offices and BBC Worldwide will also be making Television Centre their new headquarters. I believe the studios will add a real vibrancy and showbiz feel to the entire site and make it a brilliant place for audiences and visitors to come to.

We’re totally committed to future television production at Television Centre and will continue to work with the BBC and with other media companies just as we do now. Whilst this week marks the end of one chapter of Television Centre, it is certainly not the end and we can’t wait to be involved in the next phase of this unique building’s life. 


Anna Mallett is CEO, BBC Studios and Post Production 

BBC Studios and Post Production is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC, offering TV studios in Elstree and Bristol, post production services in central London and digital media services in west London. More information on the work of BBC Studios and Post Production can be found on its dedicated website. 

Information on the future redevelopment and refurbishment of the W12 site is detailed on the Television Centre website.  

Explore the history of the iconic building on the History of the BBC website

Before the BBC vacated the Television Centre, staff featured in a special goodbye film paying homage to Roy Castle's classic record-breaking tap-dance routine. Watch it here


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  • Comment number 5. Posted by Phil

    on 28 Mar 2013 20:00

    Given BBC Studios and Post Production is a wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC - providing TV studios and post production services to the media industry - they should have been keeping all the TVC studios, and continued to make revenue out of them (instead of shoe horning all the staff into BH at a cost of billions) and sold the outer buildings - scenery block, EBX block and East Tower - as shows don't use them. The studios are still needed!
    And as for the site being open to the public, does that mean Nick Griffin will never appear on BBC again, or is that part of why the BH studio is a bunker?

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  • Comment number 4. Posted by Keith

    on 27 Mar 2013 16:45

    Just a pity that I'm lead to believe TC2 is too small for most of the programmes that have recently been made at TVC prior to the closure. It's a shame that an additional medium sized studio couldn't have also been kept.

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  • Comment number 3. Posted by Jim Brettell

    on 24 Mar 2013 12:15

    I'm no expert on TV production, but I have taken a keen interest in TVC in recent years. Judging by what I read on the subject, there is a shortage of production space in London and it really would be extremely short-sighted of the BBC not to consider very carefully indeed the possibility of keeping at least one more studio. In terms of appropriate size and location TC8 would seem eminently suitable and I gather could be shared by BBC Worldwide and other external users.

    It's really gratifying to know that iconic TVC will still be about making TV and will remain a creative hub. For goodness sake, think very carefully indeed before sacrificing the opportunity of keeping a bit more production capacity and hence revenue-earning capacity, before any final decisions are made!

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  • Comment number 2. Posted by Shortbread

    on 23 Mar 2013 14:55

    It would be a folly not to retain Tc8. This is the most popular studio and as it is part of the spur
    It should be easy to encompass into the plans. I think that just having 3 studios of mixed sizes will be a decisions you will regret. Please re consider , I'm sure many at Studios agree with this.

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by Trev

    on 23 Mar 2013 13:49

    Are you sure you opened the first 3D studio. Sky started its 3D television channel on the 3rd April 2010. Also John Baird had a 3D studio in 1940's transmitting high definition colour 3D programs so he beat you by by about 60 years!. What is the value to licence payers of the BBC having a 3D studio when you don't have a 3D channel.

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