Trisha Goddard meets CBeebies Cerrie Burnell

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Here at Ouch! - the BBC's disability website - we're rather pleased with our new series of daisy-chained video interviews. Called Dis Connected, we brought an eclectic group of noteworthy people together, some of whom you may not have immediately put in the disability bracket. And it's that fact alone which makes the viewer wonder ... well what is this D-word all about?

Chat show queen Trisha Goddard meets CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell in the first interview. What common ground do they have? You may know that Trisha has had breast cancer and depression and Cerrie has part of one arm missing, but how do Trisha's experiences differ from Cerrie who has lived with a visible disability from birth, through school and into her working years.

We're releasing a new video interview each week for 7 weeks. The interviewee from one week becomes the interviewer the next. Each person brings their own valid point of view to the table in a series of very enlightening encounters, often with plenty of dark humour.

Guests across the summer include: former paralympian, now Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson. TV presenter Gail Porter. Mystery Jets Indie frontman Blaine Harrison and lifelong disability campaigner Baroness Jane Campbell.

The series was produced and directed by Kate Ansell, herself a disabled programme maker. We were extremely keen to dive into the minutiae of our contributors' lives and, as Ouch! loves to do, tell untold stories that deserve wider audiences. No pity, no preciousness, just straightforward open discussions between people who know something about having trodden that path. Kate facilitated this marvellously, and dug out some fantastic illustrative clips from the TV archive.

Dis Connected is published on the Ouch! website every monday until August 9th.

Damon Rose is Senior Content Producer on Ouch! and the Ouch! talk show

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