Hello, and welcome to the About the BBC blog. We'll be using this blog as a place where decision makers and experts can talk about things going on inside the BBC. This could include anything; from major announcements to how parts of the corporation operate. We'll also be highlighting and linking to the fascinating debates happening on the many other blogs, message boards and other social media, inside and outside the BBC website.

Above all, this blog is about openness and accountability to you, the licence fee payer, so we really hope that you'll tell us what you think by adding your comments. You'll need to sign in to contribute if you're new to BBC Blogs, but creating your membership is quick and easy.

We pre-moderate comments which means we read all your comments before we publish them. We won't publish comments that break the house rules and may also remove comments that stray off the topic. You can read our full terms and conditions here.

And while we hope that we can occasionally respond to your comments, please remember that adding a comment is not the same as contacting us. If you want to make a point that is not related to the blog, or you would like your views to be recorded and passed on please contact us.

I really hope you enjoy the writing and insights that will unfold here in the next few months, and that you, in turn, feel inspired to contribute to those stories that make the BBC such an exciting place today.

Chris Jones - Editor


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