For many people St Pauls Carnival - which takes place tomorrow, Saturday 5 July - is an unmissable day in their calendar, but for many more, including the BBC, the Carnival is the highlight of a busy year celebrating the heritage, culture and diversity within our city.

This year, the BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility big screen will show the masquerade and bands, providing a focal point for the thousands of people taking to the streets to join in with Bristol’s biggest party. Between acts, watch out for the St Pauls Carnival video we made last year, with everyone dancing from the Malcolm X Centre Elders to the children from Cabot Primary School.

And, if you look closely in the procession, you may see a large fox puppet school children from Millpond Primary made a few years ago with BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility. Volunteers from the Natural History Unit came to St Pauls to talk to children about their jobs, and the students returned the visit at the Festival of Nature bringing along a Samba band and dancing paper-mache fox puppet.

St Paul’s Carnival is such an important time of the year, not only for St Pauls but for Bristol. Having lived in Bristol all my life, I understand the importance of this event and the impact it has on the area and the people who live there. St Pauls has played such a big part in introducing West Indian culture and its music to Bristol and the carnival is very symbolic of what that has done for the city.

The BBC’s partnership with the St Pauls Carnival re-affirms this unity. Not only is the BBC’s involvement a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of carnival, it’s also a chance to get more BBC staff members involved with local community which is exactly what the BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility department stands for.

BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility works with local schools and community groups all year round across Bristol, helping people to learn new skills and tell their stories. 

Shana Rose is Production Management Assistant, BBC Outreach and Diversity

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