The Hitchhiker's Guide to Encoding: Before we start

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Editor's note: Over at the BBC Internet blog Andy Quested of BBC HD has published the first in a series of posts addressing issues raised in the ongoing robust debate surrounding the BBC's HD service. To read the full post and to comment visit the Internet blog.

Friday It's been sometime since my last post on the blog but I have tried to be as active as I could on the existing ones. I read all the posts and my thanks go to Paul Eaton who has listed many of my comments just to prove I do exist! I try to answer points raised in the blogs but unless there is a specific issue, I just can't answer each post individually. Because there's a lot to say, I thought it would be better to serialise this blog over the next week with each episode covering a different topic. I will make no apologies for the titles and many thanks to the memory of Mr Adams.

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