The BBC Performing Arts Fund, The Voice UK and a pot of theatre funding

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A short animated infographic that explains the nature of the Fund and the schemes it runs

2013 marks the 10th anniversary for the BBC Performing Arts Fund. Over the decade, £4million in grants have been awarded to emerging individuals and community groups involved in performing arts activity across the UK.

The shape and nature of the Fund has changed quite significantly over the years, but activities happening across this coming weekend give a fitting demonstration of the work we do. First up, on Friday 7th June, The Voice UK goes live for the first time this series. The Fund is the official charity for this series and a minimum of 10p per call from the public votes go to the BBC PAF.

Next up for weekend excitement is James Ham, a beneficiary who will be making his conducting debut in Coppélia with the Birmingham Royal Ballet on Saturday 8th June. James is currently undertaking a Music Fellowship with the Birmingham Royal Ballet; a fantastic and unique opportunity as conducting for dance is not taught at music colleges or universities. The £10,000 grant awarded to the Birmingham Royal Ballet to host James has given him access to mentoring and training with the Royal Ballet Sinfonia.

Turning to the theatre funding spotlight for 2013, a total of £450,000 is being made available through two schemes – Theatre Fellowships and Community Theatre. Knowing that potential beneficiaries may well be starting their applications this weekend completes the BBC PAF circle perfectly!

If you’d like to find out more about the BBC Performing Arts Fund, our winners and our schemes, please visit the website for the eligibility criteria and FAQs.




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