Director-General Tony Hall speaks at the Oxford Media Convention 2014

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Director-General Tony Hall spoke at the Oxford Media Convention today. We've published an extract from the speech below. He started the speech with the showreel embedded above. The full transcription can be found on the Media Centre website.  

"... it is impossible to rest the case for the BBC on its value and achievements without also acknowledging that when you point to the BBC, you are pointing to an organisation that makes mistakes.

I don’t want anyone to think that my confidence in the case for the BBC leads me to ignore this. It is part of my mandate to reflect upon these mistakes and to deal with them.

Second, I am not arguing here for public service broadcasting at the expense of other forms of media and free expression.

Quite the contrary.

A central part of my argument is that the BBC is just one part of one of the strongest media sectors in the world. To my mind, Britain has the most vibrant and independent free press in the world. It has ITV and Channel 4. The giants of Sky and BT. One of the strongest independent production sectors anywhere. Talent that reaches around the globe.

This is not an accident. The existence of the BBC helps the entire sector, just as the BBC benefits in turn.

So it is without institutional arrogance or a sense of entitlement that I will seek today to make three points, each supporting my contention that the BBC’s case proceeds directly from its achievements.

First: I strongly believe the BBC is one of the finest broadcasting organisations in the world. It is also great value for money.

Second: that the BBC has done much to make itself more efficient. But it must never – and will never – cease looking for more efficiencies, and demonstrating that to our owners, the British public.

And third that it is the licence fee itself that allows us to do these things. The licence fee is not a compromise, least-bad option. It underpins the success of the BBC."

Read the full speech on the Media Centre website. 

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