Ynyr Williams

Series Producer, Currently Pobol Y Cwm Series Producer, Ynyr Williams has also produced Cyw Haul and Meibion Glandwr, and directed Pen Tennyn and Jara. Formerly an actor, he performed in Pobol y Cwm in the 80s and presented children’s programme Bilidowcar, as well as working as a commentator for the BBC Wales sports department.

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  1. Ynyr Williams is the series producer of the BBC’s Welsh language soap opera, Pobol y Cwm, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. Here he writes about a special radio drama production he and the programme cast have been involved in - one that coincides with another important Welsh cultural milestone - the 100th anniversary of poet Dylan Thomas’s birth.

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  2. Ynyr Williams remembers TV director and former head of drama at BBC Wales, John Hefin who died earlier this week.

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