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Xanthe Fuller | 13:31 UK time, Wednesday, 8 September 2010

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Hello from Jamie's producer. I hope you enjoyed part one of our two-part special with Clint Eastwood, if you missed it you can always revisit the entire show on the BBC iplayer.

Plus - check out this video! It's Clint Eastwood telling Jamie all about the amazing jazz clubs he used to visit back in the day and all the incredible artists he mingled with at the time.

If you want to see more, there are three other videos on the site. One in which they discuss how jazz seems to have lost its sense of humour over the years, one where Jamie asks Clint about how he writes melodies for his film scores and a comical moment when Jamie asks Clint to do 'drops' for the radio show.

Part two next week is a continuation of the chat between Jamie and Clint Eastwood in which Clint talks about his son Kyle, previously featured in session on Jamie's show, and how he first go into playing music and developing his own style of jazz, as well as how he ended up working on the scores for his father's films. Plus, they discuss Diana Krall, Clint's own composition and musical performance abilities and what it was like for Jamie when he first saw Clint Eastwood in the audience watching his performance.

Make sure you check it out.. Part two - next Tues at 7pm on Radio 2  .

Welcome to my blog

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Jamie Cullum | 12:46 UK time, Wednesday, 8 September 2010


This is my home for all things Radio.

I'm a wireless guy. I've got a TV, a DVD collection, I play computer games, I like to read, I like riding my bike, I like losing at tennis, winning at football, eating, cooking, sitting in the pub or a cafe wasting time with friends, dancing, going to gigs and swimming in rivers and lakes. But I LOVE radio. Always have, from the Goons to Gilles Peterson. Give me a signal and a drink and I'm the happiest of men.

 It's always a luxury when I can put the show together at home, but normally I'm scrambling about in some far flung corner of the world talking about where I've been, where I'm going and more importantly, Jazz. The travel aspect comes in handy because so far I've managed to bump into Dave Brubeck, Clint Eastwood, Ahmad Jamal and Gil Scott Heron (to name but a few) microphone in hand. I may be a novice at this, but my passion for music is 31 years old. Few things give me as much pleasure as labouring over an hours worth of music that I think people will flip out about. I'm trying not to make it too easy as well - sucker them in with some Ella and Oscar, then hit them with some Ornette. It seems to be working, jazz is supposed to provoke a reaction, if it doesn't then, well, it's just music!

Best wishes, Jamie.

The producer writes:

Hey this is Karen, Jamie's radio producer..This is going to be a place where Jamie & the show team (Myself & Xanthe) add extra content that we can't fit into the show such as extended interviews with artists, video clips, special notes from Jamie, stories and anecdotes and extra information on gigs and festivals that we feel need a mention.

Don't forget tonight is the first part of our very exciting two-part special with Clint Eastwood in which Jamie visits Clint in his recording studio in LA and the two of them chat about their mutual love of jazz.

At the end of the show there will be videos available on Jamie's page showing sections of the interview and even some extra parts that didn't make it into the radio show.

I hope you enjoy seeing this different side to Clint Eastwood!

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