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  1. 606 producer

    With less than a month to go until the World Cup, Ian Wright and Kelly Cates hosted a World Cup special on Sunday's 606, counting down his Top Ten memories.

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  2. 606 producer

    On Saturday's 606 with Kelly Cates & Ian Wright we wanted to get Three Word Season Reviews from ALL 92 clubs in the top four divisions in England. As ever, we asked and you delivered.

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  3. 606 producer

    To celebrate 5 Live’s 20th anniversary we asked you for your suggestions on the greatest players to grace the Premier League since 5 Live began in 199

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  4. 606 producer

    With the January deadline day on our doorstep we asked the 606 listeners to give us their predictions for what’s going to happen

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  5. 606 producer

    Seven players that the 606 Facebook & Twitter audience believe need a move in January.

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  6. 606 producer

    Players that need a move before the transfer window closes.

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  7. 606 producer

    Your six players that will surprise everyone this season.

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  8. 606 producer

    Six players or managers that would be great at other sports.

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