Editor's notes: Should there be a transfer window for managers?

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It never ceases to amaze me how one comment, text, line can change the course of a programme. On Saturday the show was unusual in that we didn't discuss the top four clubs for more than six seconds in the whole two hours. It wasn't a deliberate ploy to balance the Arsenal heavy week that had preceeded, the stories were just elsewhere on Saturday: Everton and Newcastle fans had dominated the phone lines until Darren read out the following text: "Louis in London 'Travelled to Stoke today as a Palace fan and i've had enough. Holloway has to go and let someone in before the window closes . We have a simple choice now change or go down'."

Darren and Robbie reacted calling the text " lunacy" and "ridiculous" but it's the show of the fans so everyone is allowed their opinion. The Palace fans called up in their droves thereafter...all in Holloway's defence. Keith, Patrick and Adam, all on their way home from the game came on the show to praise not just Holloway but how they had played at The Britannia. We'd all watched Palace v Spurs the week before and had been impressed with how they had kept Spurs at bay. We also kept across their trip to Stoke on Saturday afternoon and agreed that they had the better of things in the first half. 

When Kelly and Wrighty came into the studios on Sunday they both brought up the Palace calls immediately. There'd been a bit in the papers that morning about Holloway being under pressure, especially after a stressful transfer window, but it was ludicrous. Having brought in Phillips, Gayle and Chamakh, Holloway has brought in two more strikers than Arsenal have. That got us talking about a transfer window for managers. Kelly was in total favour of this- August and January windows only. What do you think? Would this help stabilise our Leagues? We had a Carlisle fan on the show on Sunday singing the praises of Greg Abbott. Greg is the third longest serving manager across the top four leagues - and he's only been in charge for five seasons (Wenger and Paul Tisdale are one and two) . Would a transfer window for managers work? Let us know what you think by commenting below.

Listen back to this weekend's shows.

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