Roy Hodgson's named his 23-man squad for the World Cup, and so I've compared it to the list I predicted back in November - how well did I do?

I've also named my team for England's first match against in Brazil against Italy. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below or by using #BBC606ET on social media.


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by Andy Oak

    on 15 May 2014 21:33

    Hi Jason
    Good effort in November with your squad picks as nobody knew what was going to happen with a lot of those guys, reference injuries and club non selections etc and i do think Roy has been a lot bolder with his selection than most of us would have expected.
    Having said that i think there is a further opportunity to be bold with the team selection as well and combine the pace required to hit teams on the break that we have seen this season, as well as give some educated cover for what is probably not going to be the strongest defence in the tournament.( an approach that i feel will also be dictated by the heat and humidity in Brazil)
    I feel that Hart,Cahill and Jagielka are shoe ins through lack of real competition and i would like to see more of Shaw in the friendlies before settling for Baines as the incumbent.
    But it is at right back that i have a problem, with previous defensive displays by Johnson,Smalling,Jones,Walker et al, all failing to impress.In fairness Johnson is great going forward but with all of them the seeming inability to track runners, drop in to cover gaps,look over your shoulder for whats coming or even stop ball watching at the vital moment has not been good. So here is my curve ball, the man in the squad who can actually do all these things plus being a balanced two footer,quick,intelligent,able to follow a game plan to the letter and incidentally has never let England down is James Millner, my right back, please be yours Roy.(ps im not a City fan just an England one)
    I would have 2 holders in front of that back four and they would be Gerrard and Lampard who would provide the experience needed at the heart of this young team, and after a decade of debate over their compatibility to play together, i feel at this stage of their careers with the individual urge to be top dog going forward, now dissipated, they are now both ideally suited to this roll, as well as giving us real dead ball quality.
    I would then release a trio of youth from our domestic season as a spring loaded weapon in midfield, namely Lallana one side, Sterling the other and Oxlaide Chamberlain in the middle.
    I think the Ox is the least likely to get the nod but i truly believe he is made for that role (as does Arsene ,ps im not a Gooner either !) and obviously the 3 are more than capable of inter
    changing positions.
    That leaves 1 up front, and i feel that choice is dictated not just by how you want to play, but also by the opposition and by individual form. I dont think it should be just about reputation !
    It is probably thought ridiculous to leave Rooney out but i think Wellbeck is betterv at holding up allowing others to join and Sturridge offers our most potent goal threat feeding off the midfield trio
    and it is with him that i would start.
    This will have to be a tournament of squad impact and not just the starting team so the talent we have on the bench must be used effectively within a plan and not just thrown on in desperation.
    Cant believe i sat here all this time gabbling on, but once i started i could not stop, so your thoughts obviously got me thinking Jason, Best wishes (ps im an Ipswich fan ).

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