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It could get Messi

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Producer Jamie Producer Jamie | 09:00 UK time, Wednesday, 14 November 2012

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image description Lionel Messi – watch where you put that

We all know that Lionel Messi has a great shooting rate, but how about when he’s being shot at? He doesn’t look too comfortable in this situation.

Mind you, would anyone?
image description The story behind being number 2.

Ever since Clint Dempsey went to Spurs, many questioned his squad number – 2. Well he’s revealed why

image description Valbuena-ouch

As the grass becomes more damp in pitches around the country, we’re noticing a lot more of the classic knee-slide celebration. The grass is obviously not as slick in France.

As Marseille’s Mathieu Valburna found out.
image description Keepy uppy challenge

Stuart Downing is the latest to take on the tennis ball Keppy Uppy Challenge. Can he beat Jordon Henderson’s 77?

Find out here.
image description Defoe’s new role at the club

Jermaine Defoe took a break from training to try his hand at other roles around Tottenham.

He’s always looked at home in the Tottenham whites.
image description Celtic beating Barcelona – an over-reaction?

On Saturday, Celtic fans were still calling us to reminisce about their performance that saw them beat Barcelona. But not everyone was so enthusiastic…

Listen back to Mal and Frank from Saturday’s show here.

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