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Lavezzi needs to cool off

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Producer Jamie Producer Jamie | 09:00 UK time, Friday, 5 October 2012

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image description Lavezzi’s 7 minutes

In PSG’s Champions League tie last night, Ancelotti brought on Lavezzi as a 73rd minute substitute only to take him off on 80 minutes. He said it was because the player had a muscular problem…

Lavezzi certainly showed him where he can put his ice!
image description Mouth wide open

Twitter has given footballers the opportunity to show the world embarrassing pictures of their team-mates. Moussa Dembele seems like he’s fitted in at Spurs…

As he tweets a picture of this sleeping beauty.
image description The latest superhero on Tyneside!

Newcastle have released a very special outfit to sit next to their onesie in the club shop. We’re hoping to see all you Newcastle fans donning this on the terraces!

Is it bird, is it a plane, no it’s…
image description BATE fans lose it

The Belarusian team pulled off the shock of the week when they beat Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich 3-1 in The Champions League. Their fans had every right to go crazy.

And boy did they!
image description Nile Ranger – the juicer

The Newcastle striker hit a stumbling block earlier today when he realised he had nothing to drink in the house. So he did what any of us would do, right? Not really…

image description England squad announced – your reaction

Alan on Twitter says: “Fantastic squad but there is a lack of quality defensive midfielders in the team…” But Shaun on Facebook says: “Same boring old England.”

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