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A Messi trip to the car

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Producer Jamie Producer Jamie | 09:00 UK time, Friday, 28 September 2012

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image description That’s the wrong motor Lionel!

So he has got a weakness! When you’re the best footballer in the world it’s the little things that are a real struggle to remember.

But you’d think he’d have learnt which car is his…
image description That was Klose

Lazio forward, Miroslav Klose had the ball in Napoli’s net after just three minutes in last night’s game, but the goal was scratched off when Klose put his hands up and admitted it wasn’t a fair goal.

A true sign of great sportsmanship.
image description Pienaar’s close shave

Steven Pienaar has had a brave hair cut ahead of the winter months. The South African took a trip to the barbers and then shared his new cut with his Twitter followers.

Introducing the new, aerodynamic Steven Pienaar.
image description Who’s Glen?

The 606 Twitter stream has been taken up with footballers talking about the latest computer game in which they can play as themselves. Phil Jones has already dubbed himself the king of the game…

But Rooney doesn’t agree and for some reason called him Glen. Is this some Manchester United nickname we don’t know about?
image description Borussia’n up on their touch

German side Borussia Dortmund have built a new futuristic training facility that seems to resemble something you’d expect to find on a gameshow.

Can you see the ‘footbonaut’ being rolled out across all professional clubs?
image description 20/20 vision at Newcastle

Alan Pardew signs one of the longest contracts we’ve ever heard of in football, keeping him at Newcastle until 2020. Yes that’s right; eight years time! Have you seen a longer contract in football?

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