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Joey's flying high in Twitter-land.

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Producer Jamie Producer Jamie | 19:45 UK time, Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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image description Manchester United new boy

Robin van Persie wasn't United's only new signing to make his debut from the bench last night. They brought on 'Andesron' - an under-the-radar signing.

He looks a little bit like Anderson doesn't he?
image description Joey gets some high-profile followers

Sorry, he likes to be called Joe now... Well Joe Barton Tweeted a picture to prove he had some new high-flying Twitter followers.

Will he be starring in commercials with a blonde beard next?
image description Copy-cat

One of the most memorable moments of Euro 2012, was THAT celebration from Mario Balotelli. Well it didn't just provide laughs, it also appeared to inspire the youth.

Expect to see this in a park near you.
image description Tweet on the dotted line

Sebastien Bassong put pen to paper on a three-year deal with Norwich. He wanted to share that moment with his followers

with the classic "sign on the dotted line" pose.
image description The crazy misses are back!

We've seen plenty of contenders for the worst miss ever on this newsletter and this one is no different. Leo Moura for Flamengo -

hang your head in shame.
image description Now the first fixtures are complete, what team and player has impressed you the most?

Deano on Twitter said "Everton & Fellaini, great performance by both" James on Facebook says "Aston Villa and Darren Bent"

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