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You've got to deal with those!

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image description No left foot

As a defender, it's important to make sure any ball into the box is quickly dealt with, and in a recent Serie B game, Goias' Rafael Toloi did just that.

However, unfortunately for him, it didn't quite go where he wanted it to.
image description Afobe shows off his dancing moves

Arsenal's Benik Afobe is a real prospect for Arsenal and I'm sure fans will want to see fancy footwork at the Emirates.

These footballers must get really bored in hotel rooms...
image description Andy Carroll - Yes or No?

You may be aware of the Yes/No game played with Liverpool players. Andy Carroll was the latest player to have a go and the England number 9 struggled with the game.

I wonder what his answer would be to: 'do you think you'll start in the Euros?'
image description Phil Neville coaching

Phil Neville has been keeping us all up-to-date with his training for his coaching badges via Twitter. The Everton man got a response from teammate Tim Cahill, accusing him of copying the "gaffa's drills."

Neville instead compared himself to Pep!
image description 'All in one Rhythm'

Now we know that the Euros are just around the corner, but It's OK to get excited about the World Cup in Brazil too, right? The World Cup promo video has been unveiled...

The slogan for the 2014 tournament is 'All in on Rhythm'.
image description Brendan Rodgers named new Liverpool manager

Is he the right man for the job? Matt on Facebook says 'He will need to buy a whole new squad for Liverpool in order to play his style of football'. Greg on Twitter says 'Well at least they were smart enough not to go back to Rafa. Who knows whether the fans will accept him though.'

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