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Should the FA protect referees or make them accountable

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Producer Will Producer Will | 16:02 UK time, Friday, 13 April 2012

Once again we took to our Facebook page to ask you what rants you had – and perhaps unsurprisingly referees cropped up as one – but Jason Stagg had an interesting response to Reon John’s initial point.

Reon John
Why is the FA protecting referees and not making then accountable for their mistakes?

Jason Stagg
Reon, to be fair I have the greatest respect for referees. Let's not forget that when watching a game on TV, we’ve got a better view than the man in black. And you know what, it still take me at least one replay to call the easiest of decisions.

I know there’s the argument that ‘what if the fans in the stand can see it?’ Well that's exactly why.

The fan's go into the game with their hearts, not their heads. I mean just count how many times you’ve heard fans cheering when the ball hits the side netting?

Rather than criticize the referees I believe that the FA need to introduce something to assist them. And no, I do not believe goal line technology is the answer.

I like football for what it is, something everyone can take part in - mistakes and all. But then again, tens of thousands of fans should not be punished for a mistake.

It's a no win situation for the referee.

Which, again, leads me to this point. Surely the FA should be the ones looking into what alternative measures they can take?



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