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'Tevez should never have been allowed to play in England again'

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Producer Will Producer Will | 17:27 UK time, Friday, 23 March 2012

Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini



Jake Beales-Hobson messaged us through Facebook and told us why he thinks Roberto Mancini's decision to play Carlos Tevez was a travesty and a huge mistake.

Wednesday night’s clash of the two richest clubs in English football made me believe football’s spiraling out of control.

This is a rant at Mr. Mancini.

I come from a neutral viewpoint when it concerns Carlos Tevez. I'm a supporter of neither Manchester club, nor any Premier League side for that matter. And I think for Mancini to bring back Carlos Tevez after a period of months is beyond ridiculous.

He should in no way be able to get back into a starting XI of a side he refused to play for. I do not care about Manchester City's recent struggle, there should be no way back for Carlos Tevez after he snubbed Roberto Mancini publicly.

Not even the most formal of apologies could make up for what he did.

To add to his indescribable act against Bayern Munich, something else happened just days afterwards. Coming from Doncaster myself, I was hit hard by the death of Luey Jacob Sharp, the son of the ex-Doncaster striker Billy Sharp (now of Southampton). For Billy to do what he did just three days after the passing of his three day old son was simply astonishing and he deserved all the praise he recieved.

He scored a wonder goal against Middlesbrough on a cold and wet Tuesday night – which defines commitment.

The only similar example in the Premier League is Scott Parker - by far England's most passionate and committed player.

The Tevez situation gives all other City players the opportunity to walk all over Mancini. It seems to me that Mancini couldn't care less about his own self-pride, and bringing back Tevez shows huge weakness.

Being a Leeds United fan myself, obviously Manchester United are not my favourite team, but after Mancini's ridiculous decision, I couldn't care less about seeing Sir Alex Ferguson's smug face at the end of the season when he lifts the Premier League. It will just teach Mancini a valuable lesson: talent is not everything, you need a bond with your players.

Something Sir Alex has with his players, while the only bond between Mancini and Tevez is the money they each earn.

To sum up, I believe it is a ridiculous decision to bring back Carlos Tevez. He is a disgrace to football and should have never been allowed to play in England again.



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