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The future England manager - what do you think?

Producer Will Producer Will | 16:08 UK time, Thursday, 9 February 2012


Wow – who woke up yesterday and thought Fabio Capello wouldn’t be England manager when they went back to sleep?

 It’s four months and two days until a Rooney-less, captain-less and manager-less England take on France in the first of their Euro 2012 group games, and once again the national team are going into an international competition in turmoil.

There are two options as far as we can see in the 606 office – the logical one is to appoint a full-time manager now; and then there’s the option of hiring a caretaker until the end of the competition before a different man steps in permanently (whatever that means in 21st century football).

You’ve been leaving your opinions on our Facebook and Twitter pages in droves. Some have suggested Ian Holloway should be given a go for the Euros as his motivational skills could drive the team to glory.

Could Guss Hiddink – a man who took South Korea to the World Cup semi-finals – sprinkle his magic over England for one tournament before moving aside?

Or is it the heir apparent, Harry Redknapp’s time to step into the breach – a man who seems to have the support of players such as Rio Ferdinand and pundits like Gary Lineker.

The obvious extenuating circumstance surrounding him is his position at Tottenham, who still have a chance to win their first league title since 1961 and the manager’s first.

Would Redknapp be able to stay at Spurs until the end of the season and take England to the Euros afterwards?

Does Harry even deserve the job – he’s only won one top piece of silverware with a club, that being the FA Cup with Portsmouth.

The FA have confirmed they are drawing up a shortlist of candidates but with Redknapp’s recent record being so strong – he seems like the obvious man to be given a go.

What do you think?



  • Comment number 1.

    Just a quick point here, everyone is going on about Harry Redknapp being the 'Man' for the Job, well there is one other, someone who has a far better record in England and Europe - "The Special One" ( José Mourinho ). Speaks dam good english, who know's the game and has the record to prove it ( something Harry has not ). Don't get me wrong people I have no problem with Harry at all, but there is one thing in Mourinho's favour, he is Free ( well almost as he wants to leave Madrid ) so won't cost the FA millions to get him.

  • Comment number 2.

    In my view, Redknapp has got a huge problem in accepting the job. He must decide whether to accept the FA decision to strip Terry of the captaincy. Obviously, if he does not accept it, he cannot take the job. But, if he does accept it, he has some explanation do provide, also in view of possible similar cases: he did not resign from his post at Tottenham when he was investigated and was to stand trial on allegations of tax evasion (a very serious matter, also considering the financial situation and hardship of so many people), and he was right not to, since everyone is innocent until proven guilty; but how could he possible accept that one of his players in the national team is treated differently? In my view, Redknapp has to make his view public before accepting the job, and he would be very difficult for him to explain his position, if he does accept the job. One may say that public relations in football clubs and national teams have different connotation; in my view, when facing serious cases, such as racism and tax evasion, both football clubs and national teams are in the public eyes and are equally important: Redknapp will have a problem of consistency when taking a decision. Anyone taking the job, though, has got a problem, that the FA could undermine his authority at any time on matters that have always been the prerogative of team managers. They’ve created a precedent, and will have to act accordingly any time there are allegations of any sort (is a youtube video enough...?), and this would create problems for whoever is the team manager. The frenzy media are all with the FA, but, in my view they are mistaken.

  • Comment number 3.

    The whole emphasis here seems to be who is the best manager, but what does that mean? In this case does best mean a great tactician? someone who can control the players? a big motivator?

    The one variable that everyone seems to pass over is the actual players, these guys should be so motivated and filled with desire that even a mediocre manager should achieve. Are we saying that Brazil has produced a great line of managerial prowess and that is what has won 5 world cups...

    Maybe we need to address the player issue, so here is my suggestion:

    1. Every premier league season ticket holder and England supporters club member gets a single vote and picks 15 players in an England team formation.
    2. The top six players for each position are then selected to attend the premilinary selection hearing.
    3. Each player is told that it will cost them a weeks wages for every game they play for England
    4. Any player who is not willing to pay is sent home and will not be given the chance to play for England again - even if that player is Rooney!

    The fans will at least know that when they watch England play they are watching a team fuelled by a pure desire to win.

    If you gave each fan the chance to play for England and it cost them a weeks wages, even the most cash strapped would probably say yes.

  • Comment number 4.

    The way Fabio Capello has been treated by the FA and the English press is an absolute disgrace! He has managed England professionally and effectively ensuring the smoothest of qualifications to the Euros and the last World Cup despite the failings of the English football system meaning he has had to choose his team from a very limited supply of world class talent unlike his Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian and Argentinian counterparts.

    But most importantly he has conducted himself in an exemplary way considering the anti Italian and personally focused gibberish coming out of the English sports press. The same press that destroys, without fail, the morale of every England team, player and or manager. If the same press put as much effort into backing the team as it does in writing poisonous negative articles maybe England teams wouldn't be so terrified of failure at the finals of every tournament and just maybe they might have won something else since 1966.

    Summing up I'm sure Signor Capello will continue to be a managerial success in the future and I believe England will fail once more this summer. Harry will take over with the usual initially positive press after which the all knowing press will snipe away until he resigns in about 1 to 2 years time.

    England please enjoy your English managers of the future because after the treatment of this Italian (by results one England's most successful managers) nobody else would be daft enough to consider taking on the job.


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