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A footballer who should be a boxer

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Producer Will Producer Will | 09:00 UK time, Saturday, 28 January 2012

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image description If ever there's a penalty claim

Unbelievably Lazio's Andre Dias delivered a right hook on AC Milan's Mark van Bommel temple just outside the six-yard area.

But even more shocking is that none of the officials saw it.
image description Spurs' secret team sheets

After revelations about Harry Redknapp's literacy skills came out in court yesterday - supposedly one of his "team-sheets" appeared online.

That's not how you spell Ledley...
image description Bayern say sorry to fans

German club Bayern Munich have apologised to fans who felt let down when their 'spectacular transfer' was revealed.

Fans hoping for Berbatov or Shaqiri were instead presented with a new Facebook app.
image description Poor old Vincent

It's been a tough time recently for Vincent Kompany. First there was that sending off in the FA Cup.

Now he's getting tripped up by a bag.
image description Real tension in Madrid

A lot has been made of the recent problems between Jose Mourinho and his players.

And judging by his reaction when Casillas and Ramos presented him with a birthday cake - they are pretty deep.
image description 'Yer, I'm mates with a footballer'

There's always one of your mates who claims to be best pals with professional footballers across the land.

Do make sure they aren't stood behind you if it's you're making the claim.

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