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Manchester City dress up for Christmas

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Producer Jamie Producer Jamie | 09:00 UK time, Wednesday, 14 December 2011

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image description City hit the town in fancy dress

Hours after walking off at Stamford Bridge, the Manchester City players walked on to the streets of London to drown their sorrows at their Christmas party - making quite the effort on the costume front.

And it certainly wasn’t a silent night.
image description Torres and Lamps get Bieber fever

Fernando Torres even makes Justin Bieber look good at football at the moment.

And you think we’re joking.
image description The miss of all misses?

We’ve said it before, but this one really must be the miss of the season. We think this one was harder to miss!

The culprit – Russian midfielder Edgar Prib.
image description Calm down Micah!

Micah Richards got ahead of himself a bit whilst watching his team mates play against Chelsea. Richards tweeted just as Mario Balotelli put City ahead. Next time Micah, wait for the final whistle!

And as a team mate he should know how to spell his name!
image description Who would you have a statue of at your club?

We never thought we would talk about Michael Jackson and Thierry Henry in the same sentence, but both have statues of themselves at Premier League clubs and we would like to know who you’d have a statue of at your club?

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image description Bendtner goes begging

Nicklas Bendtner had to rely on two strangers for his double pepperoni after his credit card failed to work at a pizzeria in Denmark.

But first begged – ‘Don’t you know who I am’.

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