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Racism in football

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Editor Jo Editor Jo | 14:31 UK time, Thursday, 17 November 2011

Being a football fan is all about being there, making a noise when it matters, shouting and cheering, and in 30 years as a fan I don't think I've ever wanted to make as much noise as I do today.

Sepp Blatter claimed yesterday that football does not have on-field problems with racism.

In the last few weeks we have seen our national team captain investigated by the police and the FA over alleged racist remarks made to Anton Ferdinand and Luis Suarez charged by the FA with racially abusing Patrice Evra.

I've been contacted on Twitter by players claiming to have been racially abused on the pitch just last weekend and the racist abuse 606 presenter Jason Roberts has had on Twitter makes my skin crawl. In addition, callers and facebookers on 606 have been talking about referees and coaches being racially abused in Sunday League football every weekend.

We have a problem, a very serious problem, but a problem I think people just haven't wanted to talk about for fear of admitting football hasn't come as far as we thought it had.

There has been change in the game but by the evidence of the last few weeks, there hasn't been enough.

We need all the individual football associations which make up FIFA, to come together with a no-confidence vote. And for this we need The FA to take a strong lead.

The fans are looking to the players to make strong statements and lead the way, while the players are looking to the FA to lead the way, who are looking to FIFA, who seem to be in a glass house somewhere.

Maybe Sepp has become so concerned about throwing stones from his glass house that he's given up condemning others / issues completely. Whatever his thought process was, he is not the man we want, and he shouldn't be allowed to run football.

The sooner he is out of our game the sooner we can try and make the changes our game needs. I'll be sure to shake his hand on the way out.

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