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Wimbledon 2013: Looking to the future

Tuesday 2 July 2013, 11:45

Russell Fuller Russell Fuller

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Tennis Net

5 live's new tennis correspondent Russell Fuller looks ahead to the tennis circuit post-Wimbledon.

Whenever people have stopped to wish me well as tennis correspondent, they have commented on what big shoes I have to fill. And of course they are right: both literally and metaphorically. Jonathan Overend has done an exceptional job covering the last few years of the Henman/Rusedski era, and then chartering Andy Murray's rise to the very top in New York last September.

It has been an extraordinary time to cover men's tennis, and even if Roger Federer can no longer bend matches to his will with such regularity, the years ahead promise much more excitement.

With a little bit of luck, Murray and Novak Djokovic will be at the peak of their powers for another 5 years, and even if his knees don't allow him to produce the same level of consistency all year round, Rafael Nadal could still end up with a Grand Slam tally very close to Federer's.

There will always be plenty to talk about when Laura Robson is in action. She has bags of potential, and don't forget that until her recent bout of glandular fever, Heather Watson's ranking was virtually identical. There is now a much bigger bunch of British teenagers making some promising noises, and there will also be a new chief executive of the LTA to follow.

I have some very talented colleagues who will help me keep you up to date all year round. We will pop up at some very strange times of the day, and no doubt end up contributing once more to Dotun Adebayo's World Football phone-in while watching the Australian Open on the Rod Laver Arena.

I feel hugely privileged to be starting such a fabulous job, and am really excited about getting started at next month's US Open. Which is a good thing, because if you are not deliriously excitable at Flushing Meadows, they may not let you in.

Listen live to 5 live's Wimbledon coverage throughout the championships.

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    Comment number 1.

    Charted, not chartered. Andy Murray is not a boat.

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    Comment number 2.

    I hope someone makes Castle listen to his Friday broadcast. I do like the guy (who BTW only got past the 2nd round in ONE grand slam & never one a singles title) but he just embarrassed himself. I don't pay my licence fee to listen to a fan; I want intelligent commentary. Go home Andrew, and let Mac talk.

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    Comment number 3.

    Before we talk about the future of the all England Club as a Frenchman I took great offence to John Inverdale's derogatory and and insuting remarks about a fellow Frenchwoman.
    Anyone else in any other job would have been dismissed.
    All because of Anglo-Saxon arrogance.
    Make sure this does not not happen again!! It's unpleasant and was meant to belittle this woman's performance on the day. It really was cheap, ignorant, insulting and what's more TOTALLY out of order.


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    Comment number 4.

    Good luck with the new job Russell, its a shame that Jonathan has had to move on but you will do a top job I'm sure. I'm hoping that with Alastair Eykyn moving onto BT Sport that David Law will be the second man for the big matches.

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    Comment number 5.

    One mistake from John Inverdale on Saturday granted but the coverage on Wimbledon this year was vastly improved with Invers returning to the team to present the coverage, Richard Bacon was dire last year and we needed a sports broadcaster back in to present.


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