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Dogs 'stolen' from gardens, homes & cars

Friday 20 December 2013, 17:59

David Lewis David Lewis Producer 5 live

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457 dogs were reported as stolen to the website DogLost, of which 46% were not reunited within 12 months, 5 live Investigates has found. Overall 7,262 dogs were reported to website as missing over the same 12 month period.

Dr Louise Grove, a criminologist at Loughborough University analysed the data the website collated over a year, from September 2011 to August 2012.

DogLost, set up in 2003 by Jayne Hayes, and ran by volunteers, helps to reunite dog owners with their lost dogs. Which they say has assisted 55,000 owners and helped reunite 35,000 dogs.

Dr Louise Grove found that 49% of dogs were stolen from the garden, with the next most common location of theft being from the home (13%). Other commonly reported locations included kennels, vehicles, farms, and outside shops.

Further findings include that 47% of stolen dogs were small or toy, in contrast to 14% described as large or giant. Half of stolen dogs were described as puppy or young adults.

Blazej's two Chihuahua puppies were stolen from his car by thieves, who smashed the window, when he was in the supermarket.

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    Comment number 1.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends dog has been missing since Feb and my experiences looking for her over the past 10 months have been truly shocking! As a nation of animal lovers this country has to now wake up to a growing culture of dogs being stolen to order, stolen for breeding and stolen horrifically as bait for dog fights!

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    Comment number 2.

    My springer spaniel Biscuit was stolen from our home for breeding.
    I am one of the lucky ones who found my dog
    but after 18 months of anguish, not knowing where and how he was.
    I spent all my spare time after work searching, surfing
    the net and distributing posters. My work
    was affected and I felt tired and sick all the time.
    Doglost were wonderful and I made some
    Incredibly good friends. Dog owners are great
    and I would not have been able to keep up hope
    without the support and encouragement I received.
    And all the pain and effort because some part of
    society think pets are just money making tolls.
    The police were good in my case but dogs are
    Just goods- if the thieves had taken my car, they
    would be in prison. They got away in my case as
    they showed a scribbled receipt. The law needs
    To be changed to ensure responsible per ownership
    and protection for animals who depend on us
    For their survival. My Biscuit was half his body
    weight and had been locked up in a dark, concrete
    room. I am lucky he survived and can only tell
    people to look out for their pets!! I have a dog sitter
    so Biscuit is never alone. Please, do not get a dog for
    Xmas or any time if you cannot
    look after it.

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    Comment number 3.

    Strange set of priorities you have David Lewis . Your programme had three packages, one about Crisis Payments not being paid out to vulnerable people, second about Dog Napping and finally Banking Phishing Scams. Strange then your blog choice is Dog Napping . Whats the problem, people not as important as dogs or are you afraid of getting in trouble with the Neo Liberal Conservatives currently running BBC?
    Did you here the Tory from Hereford talking about how Charities were now being left to cope with Social Crisis in place of Govt? Did you hear that Central Govt has cut the amount of money in the Social Crisis Payments? Don't you think this is important?

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    Comment number 4.

    I too am a victim of dog theft. The thieves came into my garden and tried to steal 2 spaniels but my neighbour shouted out at them. They picked up the smallest and ran. My husband went to look for them but so many roads they could have taken.
    Looking back now I feel we had been watched previously.
    Nights of no sleeping, listening out for vehicles, judging everyone I see. Wondering where she can be, what is happening to her. I have heard she could be used for breeding and then dumped. Even heard dogs are used for baiting.
    These people must be stopped!! Since having the dog stolen and signing up to every site on the internet to look out for her it has opened my eyes how many have been stolen and how many are found or never found.
    I feel violated and feel I cannot enjoy the pleasure of walking my dogs knowing they may be swiped in front of me.
    I have secured my property and invested in an ex police dog.
    I would like to say thanks to Dog lost & Alfie lost dog and also Kent police whom arrived on a 999 call. These people are my support in getting my dog back and everyday I will continue to look and live in hope she will be found like many others that are stolen.

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    Comment number 5.

    My puppy was stolen in the summer. They broke into my house and took her while I was at the vets with my other dog- he had to be PTS. I feel like my life is ruined now as we have had to move house and I'm still petrified of going out.


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