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5 live success at the Radio Academy Awards

Tuesday 13 May 2014, 16:34

Heidi Dawson Heidi Dawson Editor BBC Radio 5 live

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The Radio Academy Awards (formerly the Sonys) are probably the biggest night of the year for the radio industry and last night was a big success for 5 live.

We picked up three gold, one silver and three bronze awards. All the winners are listed below, but I wanted to particularly mention the three gold award winners.

The Day We Won Wimbledon is as creative a radio programme as you will ever hear – it actually had me in tears. It was produced by Steve Jones from the 5 live Sport team who is our tennis producer. It was a stroke of genius asking John Hurt to narrate the programme, and you must listen to commentator Jonathan Overend’s “Bond-villain” description of Novak Djokovic. Podcast here and here's a taste:

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Danny Baker has a talent for surprising his audience every Saturday with his brilliantly distinctive programme. The judges describe him as “a personality completely at home on radio, with an ability to use the medium in original and engaging ways." Latest podcast here

Victoria Derbyshire has a unique ability in the way she interviews guests and she speak to listeners in a way that touches them. Her programme editor Louisa Compton led a very talented production team to deliver outstanding original journalism consistently over the last few years. Latest podcast here

Here is the list of all 5 live Radio Academy Award winners:

Gold - The Day We Won Wimbledon - Best Sport Programme

Gold – Danny Baker – Speech Radio Personality of the Year

Gold – Victoria Derbyshire - Speech Radio Broadcaster of the Year

Silver – 5 live Breakfast – Breakfast Show of the Year

Bronze – 5 live Sport - Best Sport Programme  

Bronze - Victoria Derbyshire - Best News & Current Affairs Programme  

Bronze - The Day We Won Wimbledon - Best Feature or Documentary



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    Comment number 1.

    Well done 5live!

    Top station, with fantastic presenters and programmes!

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    Comment number 2.

    The awards prove that you can't please all the people all the time.

    In my opinion, the Wimbledon review was a remarkable bit of radio even though I'm not a tennis fan & Danny Baker produces the best 2 hours of radio anywhere in the UK every single week.
    On the other hand the 'unique' way in which Derbyshire 'speaks to listeners' only 'touches me' by making me switch off the radio!
    The methods that Baker & Derbyshire carry our interviews are chalk & cheese.
    Baker engages the interviewee by taking a real interest in the subject and a two way conversation ensues; Derbyshire patronises the interviewee to the point of tears and makes it a real uncomfortable listen (see also Nolan for this awful technique)
    I despair that the station seem to be proud of this unremittingly gloomy approach.

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    Comment number 3.

    In reply to the previous comment by mistered5, the Danny Baker Show is the only programme on 5 live that has the word "show" in the title. It is an entertainment show. All the other programmes are journalism, what is in the news, and as such, the programmes may be gloomy and uncomfortable to listen to. In my opinion the Danny Baker show is on the wrong station. Try Radio 2. However congratulations to all the award winners. I am no expert.

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    Comment number 4.

    The lack of interest in yet another of these tiresome award ceremonies is matched only by the little enthusiasm and tiny amount of posters/listeners who can be bothered to respond to this blog.Derbyshire and the other presenters on 5live have more than over inflated egos' as it is without making them even worse !

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    Comment number 5.

    Rajars down yet again, hardly any presenter even pretends to turn up at Salford anymore, no innovation or change since van Klav - and you flag wave awards even Sony discovered were valueless


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