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    The big freeze to the big thaw

    Broadcast Meteorologist

    After a very cold spell with ice and significant snow for many parts of the UK, the end is most definitely in sight.

    Cold air sitting across the UK will be shoved away by milder Atlantic air coming in from the west throughout the weekend. But before the milder air reaches all of us we’ll get a one last spell of snowy weather.

    During Friday afternoon, as this milder, moister Atlantic air advances eastward and slams into the cold air we’ll get some significant snow falling across a good part of Scotland, northern England and the Midlands – Met Office amber warnings are in force which advise you to ‘be prepared’ for disruption.

    Across Northern Ireland, most of Wales and southern England the milder air will win out so we’re more likely to see some rain here which could in fact cause some localised flooding.

    The snow will clear away on Saturday morning and while there’ll still be some lying snow around, the thaw will start as the milder conditions really set in.  Through Saturday night and into Sunday we’ll get some very wet and windy weather spreading from west to east across the UK and it’ll be the first night in a long time when overnight temperatures will stay above freezing for the majority.

    The ground is still very saturated following the heavy rain and flooding we had in December.  With a combination of heavy rain and snow melt, localised flooding is a concern as we end the weekend and head into next week.

    So we might well be going from the big freeze to the big thaw this weekend, but I’ll be kept busy next week with strong winds, heavy rain at times and the risk of floods.  As always, I’ll keep you up to date on all of that throughout the week on 5 live.


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