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    Russian Doll: What the reviewers think

    Must Watch reviewers Scott Bryan, TV Editor at Buzzfeed, and Hayley Campbell, journalist and critic, share their thoughts on Russian Doll on Netflix.

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    (Photo: Netflix)

    Scott says: "If you like the first five minutes you will like the rest of it"

    "The concept is baffling, it starts out intentionally confusing and then it will create answers the more you watch.

    "It's quite Groundhog Day-ish - it's about a main character who ends up experiencing the same circumstance over again, it's her birthday. And in fact it was launched the day before Groundhog Day which I am not sure is completely coincidental or not.

    "If you like the first five minutes you will like the rest of it but don't stick and think it will get better if you are not a fan."

    (Photo: Netflix)

    Hayley says: "This is dark but it's funny"

    "She's just trying to leave this birthday party, and at the end of the night she keeps dying in different ways. So it is like Groundhog Day. But unlike Groundhog Day, it's kind of like Bandersnatch, like a choose-your-own adventure.

    "I thought it did this choose-your-own adventure better than Black Mirror did. I found Black Mirror repeated the same scenes, but this is a new scene every time you see it.  

    "Natasha Lyonne, you'd recognise her from Orange is the New Black and she was in American Pie, she's an underrated comedy actor.  She's all over this; she's a droll, chain-smoking New York Jew, she's really good.

    "This is dark but it's funny. At its heart it's joyful - it's about death and how you affect the lives of other people. It has a great soundtrack too."


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